HD Video, 27:08

The ARKA Group - The Ocelli

‘The Ocelli tells of a man who becomes infested by the spores of Armillaria, a three-mile wide mushroom composed of a web of rhizomatic white fibres. Based on the cordycep mushroom that penetrates the skin of insects and sprouts through their skull, Armillaria bewitches and consumes the body of the unnamed male protagonist, enveloping human flesh with her fungal form. Her level of agency in this process is difficult to read, for we are made to understand through the film’s narration, that Armillaria is slowly becoming sentient.’*

The Ocelli (meaning ‘little eye’) is an investigation into the formative period of childhood – where perception can still be tangibly affected by your imagination. What started as research into the anatomy of the eye and the philosophy of perception branched out into a sprawling self-reflexive process – leading to the creation of a myth charting the development of a 2000 year-old mushroom from dormant state to conscious being.

* from Vanessa Bartlett’s essay ‘From biophilia to bibliophilia… and then back again’.

Read Vanessa Bartlett’s exhibition text:
From biophilia to biophilia and then back again

The Ocelli was funded through Ideas Tap